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Scryings, hymns and mad ponderings from the wizards of weird fiction


Publishers of Strange Fiction
C. P. Webster is an author who lives in the wilds of legend-haunted Wales.
Long-time fantasy fan and writer who loves making stuff up. Publishing fantasy short stories and some poems. My epic fantasy series "The Chronicles of Heraldria" coming out in 2022. Published in the "Bizarchives" compilation of pulp stories.
Hermetic Magus, Wandering Swordsman and Eternal Curmudgeon; Will Martin started this incarnation in 1988 in the Weird South.
You might not love me, but you know me.
Pulp enthusiast. Occasional critic and researcher. Enthusiastic fan of the other 60% of SFF.
Author involved in the Bizarchives, BARD, and solo projects.
Adventurer, fiction writer, Artist/Craftsman
I am a father and an author.