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Loved this (and love Danzig, despite his smol boy anger), but do you know why Samhain doesn't have their discography on Spotify, while Danzig does? God, I love Danzig. I gotta listen to blackaciddevil again

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I can’t answer the Spotify question. Does seem in keeping with Samhain always being the lesser-known secret of Danzig’s discography.

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When I first got into Danzig, and I was listening to that first album, obviously I had all of his later discography to choice from. But the further away from Danzig I, the less they kept to that sound, and it became more of an... indulgent music project, rather than the driving, grinding, engine-like heavy blues I enjoyed initially. I thought that listening to Samhain might be a way of getting back to that, but alas, I've not been able to find a consistent source for their albums.

But hot damn, Danzig I is one of those great rock albums (rock used in the general, umbrella sense) where every track is an absolute banger. Like Master of Puppets, Songs for the Deaf, Dark Side of the Moon, you just put it on, and there are zero skips. You lose that as soon as Lucifuge hits. Not as much ferocity, not as much intensity. Still good, but not as good as what came before.

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